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Mark Minervini: America’s Most Successful Stock Trader with a Record-Shattering 334.8% Annual Return


Mark Minervini was born on January 22, 1965, in Queens, New York

Early 1980s:

  • Mark Minervini starts his stock market journey in 1983, trading stocks from his New York home with the initial goal of making $500/month.


  • Mark demonstrates the capabilities of his SEPA trading methodology by putting up $250,000 of his own money and winning the U.S. Investing Championship for the first time with a remarkable 155% annual return, establishing his reputation as a successful trader.
  • Minervini gains media attention with back-to-back market calls. He discusses the statistical similarities between the market then and the market before the 1987 “Black Monday” crash on the Fox News Network, and the Dow Jones Industrials fall 512 points after his appearance.
  • Later, he turns bullish and recommends stocks like Yahoo, Broadcom, Network Appliances, and Abercrombie & Fitch, all of which go on to score spectacular gains as the stock market enters a new bull phase.


  • Minervini experiences a turning point in his career, achieving extraordinary returns of over 33,554% between 1995 and 1999.


  • Mark’s trading prowess gains him recognition, and he starts receiving requests to advise other traders, leading to the establishment of Minervini Private Access.
  • He publishes his first book, “Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard: How to Achieve Super Performance in Stocks in Any Market,” which reflects his trading approach and knowledge.
  • Mark’s second book, “Think and Trade Like a Champion,” is published, further solidifying his position as an authority in the trading niche.


  • Mark provides a bold prediction about deteriorating market conditions, calling for a potential 1,000 point decline in the Dow, which is fulfilled during the “Flash Crash” on that day.


  • He makes a bullish market call on January 3, and the S&P 500 rallies 44 consecutive days without a 1% down day.


  • On February 24, Mark issues a sell signal to his clients, just 3 days off the absolute high on the S&P 500, and before the Dow plummets 9,000 points.
  • On April 6, he starts aggressively moving his Minervini Private Access (MPA) clients back into stocks.


  • Mark Minervini participates in the United States Investing Championship once again, this time in the $1,000,000+ stock division.
  • The United States Investing Championship announces Mark Minervini as the winner of the 2021 competition in the $1,000,000+ stock division, achieving an outstanding +334.8% annual return.
  • His remarkable performance is described as “record-shattering,” surpassing the previous championship record of +119.1%, set by George Tkaczuk in 2020.
  • This marks the second time Mark has secured the championship title, having previously won in 1997 with a 155% annual return.

Interesting Facts

  • He remains active in public, sharing insights on social media platforms, giving interviews, and participating in trader workshops and summits.
  • Mark continues to trade and help other traders, further establishing his position as one of America’s most successful stock traders and an influential figure in the financial industry.
  • His books, including “Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard” and “Think and Trade Like a Champion,” have gained popularity and serve as valuable knowledge sources for investors and traders.