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John Templeton: A Journey of Investing, Philanthropy, and Wisdom


  • Born on November 29 in Winchester, Tennessee.


  • Graduates from Yale University with a degree in economics.
  • Named a Rhodes Scholar to Balliol College, Oxford.


  • Graduates from Oxford with a degree in law.
  • Begins his Wall Street career as an analyst for the investment firm Fenner & Beane.


  • Starts his own investment firm, Templeton, Galbraith & Co.


  • Establishes the Templeton Growth Fund, which becomes one of the world’s largest and most successful mutual funds.


  • Moves to the Bahamas and becomes a naturalized British citizen.


  • Sells his Templeton Growth Fund to a financial services firm.


  • Founds the John Templeton Foundation, a philanthropic organization dedicated to exploring the big questions of science, philosophy, and spirituality.


  • Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.


  • Donates $50 million to the University of Oxford to establish the Templeton College.


  • Retires from managing mutual funds but remains actively involved in philanthropy and promoting his investment philosophy.


  • Dies on July 8 at his home in the Bahamas, leaving a profound investment legacy and a significant impact in the field of philanthropy.

Interesting facts

Templeton was a devout Christian and believed that prayer was essential to a successful life. He would often start his day by praying for guidance in his investments.

Templeton was a pioneer in the field of global investing, and his Templeton Growth Fund was one of the first mutual funds to invest in foreign markets.

Templeton was a prolific writer and author of over 40 books, including “The Templeton Touch: A Guide to Finding Spiritual Growth and Financial Profit” and “Fifty Years of Fearless Investing:
Lessons from the World’s Greatest Fund Manager.”

He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1988 for his services to investment and philanthropy.

The John Templeton Foundation is one of the world’s largest philanthropic organizations, and it supports research on spirituality, religion, and science.