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Benjamin Graham: the “Father of Value Investing”


  • Benjamin Graham is born on May 8 in London, England.


  • Graham immigrates to the United States and settles in New York City.


Graham graduates from Columbia University, where he studies business and earns his degree in economics.


Graham starts working at the Newburger, Henderson & Loeb brokerage firm.


Graham publishes his first book, “Security Analysis,” co-authored with David Dodd. The book becomes a seminal work on value investing and fundamental analysis.


Graham becomes a professor at Columbia Business School, where he teaches investment and finance. He later becomes a mentor to notable investors such as Warren Buffett.


Graham publishes his second book, “The Intelligent Investor: The Classic Text on Value Investing,” which further solidifies his reputation as a leading authority on investing.


Graham establishes the Graham-Newman Corporation, a private investment partnership, with Jerome Newman.


Graham passes away on September 20 in Aix-en-Provence, France, at the age of 82.

Interesting Facts:

Benjamin Graham is widely recognized as the father of value investing. His investment philosophy emphasized buying stocks at prices below their intrinsic value, focusing on fundamental analysis, and having a margin of safety.

Graham’s concept of “Mr. Market” explained the volatility of stock prices and emphasized the importance of remaining rational and taking advantage of market fluctuations.

Graham’s teachings and principles greatly influenced many successful investors, including Warren Buffett, who described

Graham as the second most influential person in his life after his father.

Graham’s investment approach prioritized a thorough analysis of a company’s financial statements, balance sheets, and earnings potential to identify undervalued stocks.

Graham’s influence extended beyond his books and teaching career. His disciples, including Buffett, went on to become successful investors and further popularized value investing strategies.

Graham’s ideas on risk management, diversification, and maintaining a long-term perspective still resonate with investors today.

Graham’s work continues to be widely studied and referenced by professionals in the finance industry. His books, “Security Analysis” and “The Intelligent Investor,” remain classic investment texts.

Benjamin Graham’s contributions to the field of investing revolutionized the way investors analyze stocks and approach the market. His timeless principles and emphasis on value and discipline continue to guide investors seeking long-term success.